Kit Race Meteor Hydrofoil + Falcon foilboard




race foilboard

Race hydrofoil + race foilboard use in kiteracing. Designed to race. Super fast and stable. Race machine, BigAir.

Our new kitefoil dedicated riders enjoying high speed riding and racing. Built from the ultra high modulus carbon, the foil is ultra stiff.

    The mast height is 110cm. This model uses a thinner mast profile, is 12mm. UHM Carbon prepreg is used to provide maximum rigidity. This allows you to develop maximum speed with minimum resistance. Very stable at all speeds. Very hard and SUPER comfortable.

This year we changed the geometry of the mast, there is no ventilation in any mode.

Mount – Short Tuttle

DeepTuttle position on the foilboard is compatible with Chubanga V2, V3 and Mikes Lab.

     Race foilboard. Reinforced with carbon fiber stringer, optional hydrofoil mount: Rails or Tuttle or Rails + Tuttle.
We can make the Tuttle position for any MikesLab, Mantafoils, Chubanga V1, V2, Ltvitaz hydrofoils, and we can also make a specific Tuttle specifically for Chubanga V3.




    This shape is best suited for racing and top speed. Inclined sides are well suited for driving in an edged position, they increase the comfort of turning upwind, and they perfectly beat the wave. Rocker ( nose up) prevents the board from diving into the wave when making mistakes. Full carbon racing board. Strong and lightweight board.

Deck  – special non-slip coating. Very light weight, maximum control of the foilboard, instant drying after the wheelchair

Сonstruction: sandwich: special EPS foam, Herex 80kg / m3 + bamboo deck.

    Weight: 2.1 – 2.5 kg. The difference depends on the availability of the combination mount (rails on request). And also on order additional reinforcement of the sides, stern, bow and redans with Kevlar. It helps a lot with blows.


Race foilboard Falcon