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Buy race foilboard Falcon Karat Creation

      Custom kiteracing race board design possible.

       Race foilboard reinforced with carbon fiber stringer, optional hydrofoil mount: Rails or Tuttle or Rails + Tuttle.
We can make the Tuttle position for any MikesLab, Mantafoils, Chubanga V1, V2, Levitaz hydrofoils, and we can also make a specific Tuttle specifically for Chubanga V3.



    Foilboard construction using bamboo, a very common technology:
                 – light weight.
                 – very strong crust, good resistance to point impacts and loads.
     We use technology that has incorporated the benefits of both the latest Herex + bamboo technologies. This combination makes the deck armor-piercing, impossible to push through with your feet. In this case, the foilboard will be as light and strong as possible.
     This technology allows the use of a lightweight carbon stringer – longitudinal reinforcement of a foilboard, a board for hydrofoil. Construction: sandwich, special EPS 15kg/m3, Herex 80kg/m3 + bamboo – this ensures maximum armor-piercing of the deck. On the deck we use a special non-slip coating (non-slip). This gives very light weight, maximum board control, instant drying.
     Weight: 2.1 – 2.5 kg. The difference depends on the availability of the combined mounting (rails on request). And also on order additional reinforcement of the sides, stern, bow and redans with Kevlar. It helps a lot with blows.

Custom design available for h6ydrofoil racing board

    This shape is best suited for racing and top speed. Inclined sides are well suited for driving in an edged position, they increase the comfort of turning upwind, and they perfectly beat the wave. Rocker ( nose up) prevents the board from diving into the wave when making mistakes. Full carbon racing board. Strong and lightweight foilboard.

     The price is for a foilboard with a simple design without the work of an airbrush artist. Any individual design can be applied to order. Our team has an airbrush artist who can paint any image up to a portrait on your foilboard.

Production time 1 week.