Vent plug in the foilboard, wingfoil, surfboard

  vent plug foilboard wing board   In the production of boards for hydrofoil, wingfoil, surfing, we install an automatic vent plug. It does not require any special maintenance or attention. Its task is to allow air to pass through and retain water. The vent plug uses a special membrane that allows air (steam) to escape from the board to reduce internal pressure, but does not allow water molecules to pass through. The surfboard air plug removes several problems – equalizing the pressure inside the foilboard with the ambient pressure during heating, cooling and during flights. The surface of a black carbon fiber board for hydrofoil, wingfoil in direct sunlight can heat up to 110C. When the foilboard heats up, the internal air begins to expand and, in the absence of a valve, will begin to expand the foilboard from the inside. The presence of an vent plug corrects the situation. I want to remind you that black wingboards, foilboards, hydrofoil boards look very impressive externally, but they are highly not recommended to be left in direct sunlight.

Using the vent plug

    Vent plug care: After use in salt water, desalinate.

Types of vent plugsvent plug surfboard hydrofoil

     I also want to note that sometimes I still see surfboards from other manufacturers with an outdated vent plug design. This is a specially shaped aluminum or plastic screw with an O-ring under the head. The valve must be unscrewed after use on water. And it must be put on and screwed in before the board gets wet, before going out on the water! Sometimes riders forget to insert them or don’t tighten enough and water gets into the surfboard.
     Take care of your equipment!
     Best regards, Karat Creation Team