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    Lite Speed Double Hydrofoil V Footstraps. Special V-Strap for the front foot. Foil footstraps  in a  V configuration for ultimate control, comfort and super light weight does not absorb water

Lightweight foil and surfboard V Footstraps

     Flexible and durable footstrap has been designed specifically for hydrofoil and foilboard.
     The flexibility and softness of the footstraps is important so that you can step on them during the turns tack or jibe. And also when falling, they will allow you to easily jump out of the VStraps.
     Foil straps have three mounting holes on each side to allow for size adjustment.
     The Hydrofoil V Footstraps do not absorb water.
    The V-shaped foot strap for hydrofoil is designed for foilboard.

Adjustable neoprene footstraps for hydrofoil

     Adjustable V-shaped twin straps with neoprene cover. The overlap Velcro straps can easily adjust the size. The straps provide the necessary rigidity so that the VStrap does not deform under pressure, does not crumple underfoot.