Carbon or aluminum hydrofoil mast?

Which mast to choose for hydrofoil?

Aluminum mast for hydrofoil

     Our range of foils includes both types of masts. The aluminum mast is made of aluminum alloy and has anodized finish. Since the 2021 season, the ends are hermetically closed, so that the mast does not collect water, after kiting, it does not merge in streams. The following sizes are available 40cm, 60cm, 80cm. The prices are reasonable.

Карбоновая или алюминиевая мачта для гидрофойла

     – price;
     – durability against impact damage and rough handling;
     – weight;
     – a thicker profile to ensure sufficient rigidity;
     – masts over 85cm, behave on the water – hum, vibration;
For beginners and lovers of leisurely “driving”, I recommend paying attention to the aluminum mast for hydrofoil.


Карбоновая или алюминиевая мачта для гидрофойлаHydrofoil carbon mast

The carbon mast in the Col and Joy range of 60-100cm can be ordered in any height in this range, the standard size is 90cm.
     – weight;

какую мачту выбрать для гидрофойла?

     – the ability to make it longer than 80cm, thanks to the use of carbon;
     – absence of any vibrations, noises, sounds when riding on a hydrofoil;
     – thinner profile, which reduces the frontal resistance of the hydrofoil;
     – beautiful and rich appearance;
     – a good margin for progress in hydrofoiling
    – price.