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Wing Foil – a new direction in sailing

     Wing foil is the control of a special inflatable wing with a hydrofoil mounted on the wingboard. The wingfoil discipline combines Windfoil, Kite Foil and SUP Foil.

     The advantage of Wing Surfing is that you can move freely through the water using the energy of the wind and waves. Kite Wing is the easiest type of surfing for learning.

     Wing foiling is practiced on a wide and thick Wingboard for maximum rider stability. The WingFoil allows you to experience new sensations, navigate easily and freely in any type of water with relatively simple and easy-to-configure equipment. It can be practiced in any wind direction from 4 m/s. You can also practice using the wing foil on the waves.

Wing Surfing Equipment Sale

     You can buy a Wing Board (Wingboard) in our store. The wingfoil board has a recessed handle on the bottom and two handles on the sides for easy portability. The deck is covered with a mat for comfort. Wing surfboard in the presented size is aimed at beginners and beginner riders.

The range includes a carbon boom for the wing foil.