Power Link control Bar for Wing

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    The Power Link control Bar for Wing is a very lightweight carbon tube that attaches to the handles of any manufacturer’s inflatable Wing. The carbon bar allows you to increase the power of the wing, thereby expanding the wind range. The new hand grip simplifies the pivot technique.

     With a carbon wing bar, you can get more power in your wing. With your arms close and the leading edge higher upwind, the wing is farther away from you.

     In conditions of “overdose” of the wind, you can reduce the load on the wing by grasping the carbon control bar with both hands closer to the leading edge. This adds control to the wing wing in strong winds. Reduces stress on hands.

     The Power Link control Bar for Wing will help you make fewer mistakes when making turns. You no longer need to waste time and attention searching for handles when intercepting, turning, jumping and riding the wave.

     The carbon wing bar attaches to the center of the wing between the two handles. This adds a lot of balance and allows you to hold the wing while riding with one hand.

     A nice feature of the Power Link control Bar for Wing Karat Creation is the presence of two mounts for the action camera at the ends. Embedded M6 stainless steel thread. You can mount the camcorder either at the front or behind the bar. 360 cameras are perfect.

     Package contents: Carbon control Bar for Wing, set of Velcro straps.