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Hydrofoil Karat Creation

     We bring to your attention a catalog where you can choose a hydrofoil of your level and different price ranges. Dimensions, characteristics, wing area, height of the hydrofoil mast are indicated in the goods. The large front wing area of 750-1100 cm2 is designed for training, freeride and wave. Smaller wings and higher aspect ratios are suitable for higher speed and high jumps with the kite shifting. There are hydrofoils with a carbon mast, height 60-110cm and foils with an aluminum mast, size 40-80cm.

What is Hydrofoil?

    Hydrofoil is a modern trend in sailing. Wind-dependent athletes are increasingly choosing hydrofoils for kitesurfing, windsurfing, Wing surfing and SUP surfing. We try to annually release new models of hydrofoils and foilboards for different sports. KITE FOIL – for kitesurfing, WAKE FOIL – for wakeboarding and boating, WIND SURF FOIL – for windsurfing, WING FOIL – for wingsurfing, SURF FOIL – for surfing.

Advantage of the modular hydrofoil system

     In hydrofoils, we use modular systems, from which the device is assembled according to the specified characteristics. So the Colt + Joy hydrofoil is equipped with two interchangeable front fenders with the ability to assemble a foil for your tasks: kiting, wakeboarding, surfing. We can make replaceable masts of different lengths (40-90cm) and attachment to order for deep tuttle or platform (plate 165×90). For training, this is a great opportunity to quickly master the discipline: start with a short mast and a larger Colt wing and gradually expand the speed range safely on the Joy wing. Of course, we also have racing models for the most demanding athletes. We are always ready to help you choose equipment for any budget and skiing level.

A worthy replacement for the “Door” kiteboard

     Hydrofoil is a new experience and opportunities. Replace your kiteboard “door” with a hydrofoil in a light wind and get an incomparable sensation. Foil gives you the opportunity to accelerate faster than the twin tip, go sharper upwind (cut into the wind), allows you not only to “tram”, but also to jump high, and perform cool spectacular stunts. Hydrofoil flies easily and smoothly, forget about hitting the wave like driving on a bad road. It is possible to ride with minimal wind, when many twin-tip kiters nervously smoke on the beach.

Foilboard configurations

     Of course, we will be happy to help you equip the hydrofoil with a foilboard for the hydrofoil. We have a range of boards of various levels from beginner to professional for any budget. As well as leg bindings (straps), which are presented by us with an adjustable Velcro type (on the principle of windsurf loops) and lightweight ultra-light made of EVA material.


     We are constantly expanding our assortment, following fashion trends and innovations in sports. Winged surfs have already taken their place in sailing and the Formula Kite discipline (hydrofoil + foil kite) is included in the Olympic Games 2024 program.