Wingfoil Board Carbon 100L


1,150 600

The wingfoil board is designed for use with the Wing.

The Wing foil board has a board volume of 100 liters, which allows it to be used both for the first steps and for further progress in Wing surfing.

Size 160×72 cm

The width of the Wingfoil board provides stability at the start and does not interfere when surfing the waves. The wing foil board is equipped with three handles for easy portability, one on the bottom and two on the sides. The deck is covered with a high quality soft non-slip carpet. It provides start-up comfort and stability when surfing with the wing. On the deck there are foot loop inserts with the ability to adjust 5 positions. Everyone will find a comfortable stand for themselves.

The hydrofoil is mounted on rails, they allow you to find a comfortable position of the hydrofoil for any conditions and rider’s weight. The wing foil board has an automatic air valve that automatically balances the pressure inside the board with the environment when heated or cooled.

The board is made using a classic sandwich (Carbon Sandwich + Herex + Bamboo).