Kite bar with trim system and lines

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Buy Kite bar with trim system and lines

    The kite bar is ideal for inflatable and foil kites, both for freeride, wave and racing. Thanks to its light weight, you will feel the kite much better, especially in light wind conditions.
    The ends of the plank are marked in red and blue to make it easier to recognize the left and right edges of the plank, making it much easier to make quick decisions.     The minimalist design on the outside gives the bar the comfort you expect.
    Any size is possible according to the individual order from 45cm to 63cm.
    The kite bar is completed with high quality accessories: trim system with Ronstan blocks and a set of lines (100% Dyneema – Liros) Germany, power lines 300kg breaking, helm lines 200kg breaking. On request, we can equip with racing lines of reduced diameter.
    The trim system has a default ratio of 1:2, which is perfect for freeride, hydrofoil, wave surfing and provides maximum comfort when riding on the water. Also includes slot clamp, lanyard and stopper, Ronstan block.
    The gear ratio of the trimmer system can be set 1:3 and 1:4 at the request of the client.
    The bar travel length is 57cm by default. Can be changed at the request of the client.
    Thanks to the large longitudinal center hole, the kite bar can tilt 56 degrees to each side without causing friction.