Carbon KiteBar 50cm

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Buy carbon kitebar sizes 50 cm.

    Buy carbon kitebar is suitable for handling the following kite sizes: 10-12m

     Lightweight, strong carbon kitebar Karat Creation for controlling the kite 110gr-120gr.    Suitable not only for foil kite and racing disciplines. But also for those riders who are very active in controlling the kite and want to get maximum control over the kite, a quick stop of the bar from kiteloop.

      Very easily unwinds the lines after turns (kite loops) does not create inertia.    The carbon strip is a find under constant operation in salt water without desalination, carbon does not oxidize, there are no corrosive materials in it. In the center there is an oval hole made of a wear-resistant material. This shape and property of the material allows, with a strong skewing of the bar, not to affect the ease of its movement.

     The center hole material is unique, we tested it for 2 years, and it performed very well in the tests. Unlike competitors that use metal inserts, our material is much lighter. Reduces overall bar weight and significantly reduces wear on the center power line. The ends (horns) of the bar are additionally reinforced with fiber around the main bar, they cannot be pulled out in an accident. In terms of cost, the carbon kitebar is much cheaper than serial branded models, and in terms of characteristics it is several times superior.