Kit Colt Carbon Hydrofoil + Carbon Foilboard Hawk

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Set Colt carbon Hydrofoil and Foilboard Hawk
    Carbon hydrofoil entry level. FreeRide
Very easy learning

    Super stable foil. You can order any mast height.
Great choice for riders.
Easy to learn Gibe and Tack

     The advantage of the design is that all parts are made of stainless materials, the carbon Hydrofoil and Foilboard can not be disassembled after being used in salt water.
The fuselage is made of stainless steel, very strong and reliable.
     A characteristic feature of the design is a very strong and reliable fastening of the wings and mast, withstands impacts on the bottom and corals.

      Very strong and easy foilboard. The concave deck improves control and stability when skiing.
Concave on the bottom increases directional stability in the displacement mode. Forgives mistakes beginners.
More friendly shape.

Two deck cover options on request:
    – special non-slip coating:
      (+) Pros: very light weight, maximum control of the board, instant drying after the wheelchair
      (-) disadvantages: aggressive attitude towards the suit (solved by an additional jacket over the suit)

    – mat:
      (+) Pros: respect for the suit.
      (-) disadvantages: more weight in the dry state and even more in the wet, soft deck impairs control of the board.
    Slanted sides increase the angle of turning when UpWind. Reinforced with carbon fiber stringer, hydrofoil mounting:
Rails or DeepTuttle as desired. Sandwich: special EPS foam, Herex 80kg / m3 + bamboo deck.

Hydrofoil Carbon COLT

Carbon board HAWK