Carbon fiber accessories and souvenirs

        Manufacturing and repair of carbon fiber parts, interior items, car tuning with carbon fiber (carbon lamination of external and internal car parts). Making gifts and souvenirs from carbon fiber, business souvenirs from real carbon, carbon fiber accessories and souvenirs.
Carbon fiber office souvenirs are very popular. Author’s products are made by hand according to an individual order. Carbon (CFRP) is a premium material, ultra-lightweight and durable. Real carbon is not a film with an imitation of a carbon fiber weave pattern, but a composite material. In addition to the classic black color, carbon can be interwoven with colored (red carbon, blue carbon, yellow carbon, white carbon, green carbon, pink carbon, brown carbon, etc.), silver, golden fibers (color carbon fiber). Carbon came into the interior of the premises after it began to be actively used in auto tuning and interior design of premium cars.